Our church is located in Bridgeport, CT and is part of the Christian Fellowship Ministries founded by the late Pastor Wayman Mitchell back in 1970 in Prescott Arizona. Our leadership church is now led by his son Pastor Greg Mitchell.

The history of Wayman and Nelda Mitchell is a testimony to behold. They were married for over 63 years until she passed away in 2016. Neither one of them had any religious experience nor upbringing. When touched by the power of the Holy Spirit they experience and life changing event. When Pastor Mitchell responded to the call to preach, him along with his wife moved to Prescott to Pastor a small struggling church in 1970. God began to move in their lives and because they stood faithful to the call. We now have over 3,000 churches in over 165 nations.

Pastor Mitchell went to be with the Lord in September of 2020, and will be remembered as a faithful pioneer, leader and man of God.

Wayman Mitchell and his wife Nelda.

Pastor Greg Mitchell and his wife Lisa currently serve as Senior Pastor and wife at the leadership church in Prescott, AZ.  Having been married for almost 40 years, they both converted when they were teenagers; Lisa in Perth, West Australia and Greg in Prescott, AZ.

Pastor Greg Mitchell and his wife Lisa.

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